Feature Request: Mouse-Over Scan Strengths


In BOTF, when you moused over a system on the galactic map, a coloured number would be displayed at the top of the screen to show the strength of your scans of the sector.
Negative numbers were displayed in red, and indicated that all sensor readings of the sector were being disrupted, usually by Black Holes, Neutron Stars, or X-Ray Pulsars.
Positive, but low, scan strengths were displayed in Yellow, and meant you had some sensor readings of the sector, but these readings were unreliable and may be inaccurate. Cloaked ships and fleets may be able to escape detection in such sectors.
Strong, positive scan readings were displayed in Green, and meant you had reliable sensor readings. Cloaked ships could usually be detected in such systems.
Could a system like this be implemented in Supremacy? This feature was requested by Stromgarde, and i'd like it too.